How to Take Advantage of Facebook Ads (Infographic)

How to Take Advantage of Facebook Ads

Your potential customers are on Facebook, so you should be, too. A great way to quickly get your brand in front of consumers is through Facebook Ads. Facebook Ads includes everything from promoting your posts to placing your ad on the sidebar or on Instagram.

6 Tips for Using Facebook Ads

Have you already started using Facebook Ads, but haven’t seen any results? Do you want to start using Facebook Ads but are scared that you’ll end up paying for ads that don’t generate any revenue? No matter which camp you fall in, check out these six tips for making your Facebook Ad campaign more successful.

Craft Your Message

Before you ever start a new ad campaign, make sure you’ve carefully crafted your message. You want your ad to emotionally connect with your audience, so they’re enticed to click on it. After they’ve clicked on the ad, bring them to a landing page that further encourages them to buy from you.

Set a Budget

Like Google AdWords, Facebook Ads is a pay-per-click platform, so it’s easy to overspend. Set a budget for each ad campaign and stick to it, so you don’t spend more than you can afford.

With Facebook Ads, you’re bidding on the demographic you want to see your ad. The bidding system is very sensitive and prices can change in an instant. Last week, women between the ages of 21 and 26 might have been the most expensive age bracket, but this week, women between ages 27 and 35 might be the most expensive.

Facebook is willing to help you out here with their Optimized CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions) bid type. With Optimized CPM, Facebook shows your ad to people who are the most likely to click on it and take action. You’ll tell Facebook the goal for your ad campaign, and they’ll take care of the rest, without going over your budget.

Be as Specific as Possible

Facebook Ads lets you set what demographic sees your ads. But, they go beyond the normal constraints – gender, age, and location. You can choose the demographic based off their interests and life stages. If you wanted to, you could choose to only show your ad to women between the ages of 21 and 26, who are recently engaged and like rock climbing.

To make the most of your campaign, be as specific as possible when you’re setting up your target market. Because you hand-selected who will see your ad, you’ll know that the ad will appeal to them, so they’ll be more likely to interact with it.

Utilize Audience Insights

If you’re not sure who your Facebook audience is, or if you want more information to help you choose your target audience, Facebook can help you out there, too. Audience Insights shows you who your target market is based on the people who already like your Facebook Page. You won’t have to guess what market likes your brand because Facebook shows you.

Choose the Right Placement

When you’re creating your ad campaign, you’ll be able to choose whether your ad appears in your audience’s newsfeed, sidebar, Instagram account, and more. Make sure you choose a placement that will attract consumers and entice them to learn more about your company.

For example, if your ad is a long video, choose to keep it on the desktop newsfeed, instead of the mobile newsfeed. If someone is viewing Facebook on their phone, they probably don’t have time to stop and watch your video.

Vary Your Message

If you want to show your ad to multiple audiences, don’t send each audience the same message. Instead, vary your message depending on the audience so you’re appealing to each group specifically.

6 Tips for Using Facebook Ads

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