Where to Post a Job Ad [Infographic]

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When you’re trying to hire the right person for your company, post your job ad in places where your ideal candidates will find it. Keep reading to learn where you can share your ads.


Ask friends, family, business connections, and your current employees if they know anyone who would be suitable for the position. If you hire someone based on a referral, you’ll be choosing a worker who has already been verified by someone you trust. And you’ll save time and money because you won’t have to hire a recruiter or post to a career site.

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College job boards

Schools have access to a large pool of candidates because they serve current students and an extensive network of alumni. Before you post an ad, get to the know the college to ensure they’re going to send qualified candidates.

Job fairs

Career fairs allow you to meet potential candidates face-to-face, instead of just through their resume. These events often target a specific industry, so you can choose ones that fit your company. They can, however, be very time consuming, and you’re limited by the quality and quantity of fairs in your area.


If you would like your ad to reach a larger audience, you have many options for posting it online:

  • LinkedInLinkedIn is a professional social networking site and has become the go-to place for everything career-related for many people. LinkedIn makes it easy for companies to post openings and for potential candidates to apply. When a candidate applies for a position through the site, you can see if you and the candidate share any business connections. Many of the job hunters you’ll find are looking for full-time, salaried positions. So, if you’re looking for hourly or part-time employees, it may not be your best option.
  • Facebook – Through your Facebook business page, you can post openings, track applications, and contact candidates. Facebook created this tool specifically to help small business owners find employees. If a user is likely a good fit for a job, they’ll see the opportunity on their newsfeed. Although you can post your job ads to your business page at no cost, you have the option to “boost” the post. That way, a broader audience will see it. Read also: Should I Ask Job Candidates to Fill Out an Application?
  • Job sites – If you don’t want to use social media sites to fill a position, you can post it to large career sites, like Monster, Indeed, or Glassdoor. These sites have large audiences, so your ad will be seen by many people. Job hunters can receive alerts when new openings are published, so your ad may land directly in a potential candidate’s inbox.
  • Workable – If you would like to post to several sites at once, you can save time, energy, and money by using Workable. With Workable, you can post your ad to over 15 free and 50 paid job sites with just one click. This allows you to reach the major job sites’ wide audiences easily, without having to post 65 individual listings for a single open position. Workable helps you track candidates and schedule interviews to make the hiring process easier for you.

Before you post your ad, make sure you have a clearly defined the position. Learn more about how to write an accurate job description.

infographic containing list of where to post job ads

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