5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Company Culture

graphic of 5 easy ways to improve your company culture

Have you lost control of your company’s culture? Is it heading in a direction you don’t want it to go, but have no idea how to get it back on track? If that sounds like your company, keep reading to learn some easy ways to improve your company culture.

Encourage Your Employee to Connect Socially at Work

You obviously want your employees to be productive and to be actually working while they’re at work (I know, that’s a revolutionary concept). So, it might be tempting to squash personal conversations, but no one can work 8 hours a day without a break (unless you have a team of robots, of course).

Encourage those personal conversations occasionally. Personal conversations will help your employees develop friendships with each other. And, when an employee has a friend at work, they’re less likely to get sick and miss work. They’ll end up being more productive and can even learn new skills faster.

Besides encouraging personal conversations, you can help your employees build friendships by encouraging them to

  • help each other out,
  • host a happy hour after work,
  • eat lunch with other team members, and
  • celebrate milestones (both personal and professional).

Communicate Regularly & Openly

You set the tone in the office. If you’re not communicating openly, honestly, and consistently with your employees, then rumors will fly and gossip will spread like wildfire. But, if you’re transparent, you’ll encourage your employees to be open and honest with each other, too.

Be Empathetic

Your employees have lives outside of work (I know, that’s another revolutionary concept). And sometimes, those lives can interfere with work. Try to be understanding and empathetic.

If you’re empathetic, your employees will want to stick around longer because they know you care about them. Ask them questions that aren’t related to work so you can get to know them better. And, if it seems like they’re having issues at home (maybe they’re taking care of a sick family member), then ask them (privately) if you can help.

Of course, be a little careful with this so people don’t start taking advantage of you. (Did Susie really just claim her grandmother passed away 3 months in a row?)

Let Your Employees Personalize Their Workspaces

I get it, you want your office to look a certain way and for everything to match. But, your employees spend 40 hours a week at their desk, in their offices, or at their cubicles.

So, let them make their space their own. It will put them in a better mood, which will make them more productive.

If you have a few extra bucks, consider giving each new employee a small budget. Then, they can decorate their space how they want, without having to pay for it out of pocket.

Share Words of Encouragement

Nobody can be at the top of their game 100% of the time. People get tired and need a break occasionally. When you think that morale might be starting to suffer, send an email thanking your team for their hard work and include a special note of encouragement.

It might just give them the motivation they need to make it to the weekend or their next vacation.


Happy employees are productive employees. If your culture has gotten a little too stuffy lately, you can make your company a happier place with a few simple actions. You can encourage your employees to make friends in the office, communicate with your team openly, be empathetic to their outside lives, let them show their creativity, and share words of encouragement.

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