Top 5 Reasons Small Businesses Should Invest in Employee Development

Small business owner reviewing career goals with an employee

Many small business owners often neglect to help their workers learn new skills and advance in their careers. They might ignore it because they have too much to do trying to run their company or because they don’t want to spend the money. Your staff is your greatest asset, so keep reading to learn the top five reasons you should invest in employee development.

1. Attract new employees

Many job seekers see career development opportunities as a fantastic benefit. Helping your team learn new skills can give you a competitive advantage when workers are deciding between accepting a job from you and another company. You’ll gain a reputation as an employer who cares about your staff enough to provide training. You’ll attract employees who want to keep learning and improving their expertise, which will make them more productive and can help your company succeed.

2. Retain your existing workforce

Investing in your team’s development increases engagement, which decreases employee turnover.  Because they have opportunities to learn new things, they’ll feel fulfilled in their current role while having confidence that there’s room to grow. After all, no one wants to have the same job for years on end. If they think they’ll be doing the same thing day-after-day, year-after-year, they’ll become bored, which is bad for business. They’ll take on negative attitudes and sloppy work habits that will carry over to their coworkers and even your customers. Career development opportunities can prevent boredom because interesting training programs will give your staff something to look forward to and take their minds off work for a short time.

Ask your workforce what they want to learn and how they would like to move up in their career. Then, help them learn the necessary skills to get there. That will demonstrate your willingness to cater to them and show them how much you value their growth and happiness.

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3. Promote from within

Promoting from within your small business is a good idea because the worker is already familiar with your day-to-day operations and customers. So, you’ll only have to train them on their added responsibilities, not your company culture or behavioral norms. It’s also often cheaper to promote from within because training an employee yourself is cheaper than hiring someone experienced.

A development program can help you create a pool of eligible and qualified workers who are well equipped to move up in your company. During training programs, you can identify each staff member’s strengths to ensure you put them in a position where they’ll excel. Learn more about how to tell if an employee is ready for a promotion.

4. Increase productivity

As you train your staff, they’ll become more confident, efficient, and proficient in their roles, so they’ll increase their sales or output. You’ll create a workforce that’s skilled in multiple areas. Your team members can pick up the slack if one of their coworkers is out of the office for a few days or leaves the company entirely. This will save you money in the short-term and increase your revenue in the long-term. Because of this, don’t think of employee development as an expense but as an investment.

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5. Prepare for your company’s future

Investing in your teams’ training will help safeguard your company for the future. Your staff will become happier as they gain confidence in their abilities and believe that they can continue to grow with your business. They’ll share that happiness with your customers. Those customers will have fantastic experiences with you that they’ll share with their friends.

Training will also help your workers learn more about industry trends. They’ll be more flexible and will be able to help your company prepare for any future changes in the market to ensure long term success.

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