5 Steps for Finding the Perfect Candidate on LinkedIn

Job candidates found on LinkedIn waiting for their interviews

LinkedIn is a great tool to add to your recruiting strategy, if you’re not already using it. Because so many people keep their work history updated on LinkedIn, there’s a great chance you’ll find someone qualified to fill your small business’s open position, even if they’re not actively looking for a new job. Check out these five steps to help you find the perfect job candidate on LinkedIn.

1. Build your company’s LinkedIn profile

If your company doesn’t already have a page on LinkedIn, go ahead and create one. Your company page will give your business a professional presence that can help attract potential candidates. When building your company’s profile, try to include keywords related to your industry, mission statement, and company culture so professionals searching for those words can find you easily. Consider highlighting past work or customers so prospective employees know what they can expect to work on. Finally, make sure your contact information is always up to date, so a potential applicant knows how to reach out to you with any questions.

2. Post the job opening

When you’re posting a new job opening, don’t forget to post it to your company’s LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn will send it to qualified workers who have indicated that they’re open to new opportunities. You can also use the “Recommended Matches” feature to view profiles of people LinkedIn thinks would be a good fit for the job. LinkedIn will choose individuals whose skills and experience match your job description, so make it thorough and accurate description. Learn how to write an effective job description.

3. Search your connections

After you’ve posted the job opening, search through your personal LinkedIn connections to see if you know anyone who would be a good fit for the position. Send them a message letting them know you have an opening that you think they would be a good match for. You can include a link to the job description and include your contact information if they have questions or want more information.

4. Ask for recommendations

Besides your own connections, you can also take advantage of your network’s connections by asking them for candidate recommendations. You can post a status update on your personal profile asking if anyone knows someone who might be a good fit. Even if someone doesn’t have a recommendation, they can still share your status, which will extend the reach of your job posting.

5. Utilize the search function

You have the option to search LinkedIn’s entire network of users for potential new employees. You can search for people with similar job titles as the one you’re hiring for or with the skills you’re looking for. You can even filter by location or current company to narrow down your results. If you find someone who would be a good fit for your company and the open position, contact them and share what aspect of their profile stood out to you.

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