Early Birds and Night Owls: 3 Tips for Staying Productive in a 9-5 Business

business owner works in office at night

Benjamin Franklin was quoted as saying, “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” In business, early risers tend to be viewed as more productive than their night owl counterparts, but this assumption is unfounded – especially for small business owners who sometimes find themselves working around the clock. The fact is, it doesn’t always matter what time of day you work. What does matter is how efficient you are during your work hours.

Work when you’re most productive

Small business owners have some flexibility to choose their work hours. Recognize when you are most productive and build your schedule around that. If you are an early bird, that likely means getting a jump on things and checking off your to-do list before your staff arrives for the day. If you are a night owl, it means ramping up your activity with fewer distractions once your staff have gone home.

Get enough sleep

Whether you’re an early-riser or a night owl, it’s important that you get enough sleep each night. Getting enough sleep can help increase your productivity and happiness while also improving your health.

If you’re not getting enough sleep, click here to find out how to get more.

Be flexible when possible

Like you, your employees might not be their most productive from 9 to 5 every day. If your small business can handle flexible schedules, talk to your employees about when they feel the most productive. Let a team member come in early (and leave early), if they are more efficient in the morning. If someone else does better at night, then let them start later in the day.

If you’re worried that nothing will get done because everyone works different hours, set core business hours. Let your employees know that they can work the schedule that makes the most sense for them, but they need to be in the office everyday from 12 to 2 for meetings and to collaborate with coworkers.

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