4 Ways to Use Facebook Live in Your Small Business [Infographic]

4 Ways to Use Facebook Live

When your customers visit your Facebook page, they want to see unique content. Live videos are a great way to provide that. Since Facebook currently gives priority to live videos in newsfeeds, your followers are more likely to see a live video than a static post. If you’re at a loss on what to share in your videos, check out these four ideas.

1. Give a behind-the-scenes tour

Your customers want to feel like they’re getting an “exclusive” look at your business, so show them around and give them a behind-the-scenes tour. Share information about your manufacturing process or introduce them to employees they wouldn’t normally meet. By sharing aspects of your business that aren’t usually visible, they’ll trust your company more and feel like they’re part of it.

2. Promote an upcoming event

If you’re hosting an event soon, hype it up on Facebook Live. If you’re transforming your store for your semi-annual sale, take a walk around the store and share the transformation. If you’re running a contest, show off the prizes, so people get more excited to enter the contest.

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3. Introduce a new product

Before you launch a new product, give your followers a sneak peek. And, consider providing a way for consumers to preorder.

If you just got in a new shipment and haven’t had time to post the product to your online store or haven’t put it on shelves yet, share a video unwrapping the product, so your followers think they’re seeing something before anyone else. Your customers will be ready to buy before the product ever hits your shelves.

4. Answer FAQs

You and your staff probably answer the same questions over and over. Make a list of your most frequently asked questions and answer them on Facebook Live. It’s quicker and more engaging to answer questions on a video than through email or over the phone. After the live stream, make sure your staff has access to the video so that everyone on your team answers the questions the same way.

Facebook Live is just one way you can promote your business online. Learn more about social media marketing.

infographic of ways to use facebook live

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