9 Easy Ways to See Your Small Business through Fresh Eyes

How to Gain a Fresh Perspective on Your Small Business

If you’re starting to feel burnt out or are looking for new ideas for your small business, you may just need a new perspective. Keep reading to learn nine easy ways you can see your small business through fresh eyes.

1. Take the afternoon off

Do something to take your mind off work – play golf, people watch, go shopping – it doesn’t matter what you do, as long as it’s not work-related. Tomorrow, when you’re back in the office, you’ll feel refreshed and have a whole new outlook.

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2. Shadow an employee for the day

Follow a team member to find out what a typical day looks like for them. You’ll be able to find out how things are really going. You might discover that a customer keeps hassling your staff. Or, you might learn that the worker has a skill set you didn’t know about.

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3. Take your team out to lunch

Pick a week or two to take your staff out to lunch. Then, take someone different to lunch every day. This will give you a chance to get to know each person on your team.

4. Clean your office

You don’t have to wait for spring to deep clean and reorganize your office. You might find something that triggers your next big idea.

5. Read a new book

Find a book that’s related to your industry or running a small business. It might contain that tiny nugget of information you need to get out of your fog and gain a new perspective on your business.

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6. Find a mentor

Every small business owner needs a mentor. They can give you advice and suggestions that you would have never thought of on your own.

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7. Volunteer

Spend time volunteering in your community. You’ll be so busy that you won’t have time to think about work, letting a great idea just pop into your head. Plus, you and your staff will feel good that you’re giving back to your community.

8. Pretend you’re a customer

Shop your store or website as if you’ve never seen it before. It will give you an idea of what new customers experience. Make sure to write down anything that you could be doing better so you can make necessary changes.

9. Work somewhere else

Working in your office day after day can get monotonous. Sometimes all you need to clear the cobwebs is to work from a new location, like a coffee shop or somewhere else in your business.  

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