8 Things to Do Before Your Next Performance Review

graphic of 8 things to do before your next performance review

Performance reviews are like root canals – no one likes them (not even your boss), but they, unfortunately, can be necessary. Instead of dreading your next performance review, think of it as an opportunity to learn and grow, while clarifying expectations and setting goals. They can also be used to justify raises and promotions, so you’ll want to go in prepared.

Before your next performance review, try these eight things to be better prepared:

1. Compare your job description to reality

Your job description has probably become a little outdated in the past year. Look at your job description and consider the following:

  • tasks you no longer do
  • duties that take up more time than they need to
  • new responsibilities you’ve taken on
  • what you like most about your job
  • what you dislike most about your position
  • things that should be changed or eliminated from your job description

2. Think about your most significant accomplishments in the past year

Keep a record of your achievements throughout the year, so you can easily remember what you did. Without a list, it can be easy to forget something and only focus on the months leading up to your review.

3. Review your goals for the past year

During your last performance review, you and your boss may have developed your goals for the year. Before your next performance review, look at those objectives and see how you did. Ask yourself:

  • What did I accomplish?
  • What did I learn this year?
  • What did I want to accomplish, but didn’t?
  • What would have helped me achieve more?

4. Determine your goals for the next year

Now, you’re ready to start writing objectives for the upcoming year that will help you and the company grow. Start thinking about what your boss can do to help you accomplish your goals over the next year. Learn more about how to set goals you’ll achieve.

5. Be honest about your shortcomings and mistakes

Be honest with yourself and think about your flaws and any slipups you’ve made over the past year. Don’t write them down and hand them to your boss; just think about them. You’ll be better prepared to receive any criticism during your review.

Thinking about your shortcomings in advance will also help you create an improvement plan to show your boss that your mistakes won’t hinder your success.

6. Think about what you want to achieve in your career

No matter how much you love your job now, you probably want to move up at some point in your career. Start thinking about that now. Determine what position you would like next, so you can determine what professional development you need and how your boss can help you.

7. Ask for feedback regularly

You shouldn’t be surprised by anything during your performance review. Your boss might think they’re bad at giving feedback, so they’ll avoid giving it to you throughout the year. Occasionally ask your boss for some feedback, so you’re not surprised later.

8. Start a new project

A couple of months before your performance review, start a new project. You’ll show that you can take the initiative to help grow the company. Read also: 9 Tips for Getting Your Boss to Support Your Ideas

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