4 Reasons to Be a Servant Leader

Small business owner having a meeting with his team

Being a servant leader in your small business means putting your team’s needs before your own. You’ll ensure they have the tools, resources, and support they require to be successful. On the surface, it might seem like servant leadership prepares your staff for future positions with another employer. But, being a servant leader can actually help your organization grow. Keep reading to learn four reasons to consider servant leadership.

1. Increase productivity

By providing the support and resources your staff needs, you’ll let them know that you’re not there to tell them how to do their jobs. Instead, you’re there to help them do their jobs better. This shows them that you trust their judgment to make necessary decisions, which can fill your team with confidence. When your workforce is confident in their abilities, they’ll be more willing to learn new skills and set loftier goals for themselves – goals they’ll be able to achieve. Ultimately, you’ll notice higher performance and increased productivity throughout your company.

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2. Boost engagement

Since you’ll spend more time listening to your team and trying to understand things from their perspective, they’ll know you see them as an individual – not just another employee. This will allow them to feel more emotionally connected to the company and more engaged at work.

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3. Improve retention

Engaged and confident team members tend to stay with companies longer. Since you’re helping your staff develop their careers and giving them the tools they need to succeed, they’re more likely to follow you voluntarily. In turn, your workers will be less likely to look for new jobs, and you’ll spend less time and money trying to hire replacements.

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4. Build a strong employer reputation

By being a servant leader and instilling confidence in your team, your company will gain a reputation in your community as a great place to work. When it’s time to grow your business and hire new people, you’ll easily be able to attract top talent.

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