3 Ways Your Employees are Shaping Your Culture

employees holding a meeting around a work table

When your employees feel good about their work environment, they’ll work harder and be more productive. You can make sure they feel good at work by cultivating a strong company culture. If your employees don’t like the environment they work in, they can help shape it into something they like.

Because your employees can shape the culture (it doesn’t always have to be changed from top-down), it’s important to hire people who fit the culture to begin with.

Let’s take a look out how your employees can shape your company culture.

Their Influence

Whether they realize it or not, your employees influence the people around them. Their attitude and behaviors can affect their immediate team, who can then influence the rest of your staff.

Your employees, particularly, have a lot of influence over your newest hires. Culture is learned primarily through interaction, so your new hires will learn what the culture is from their teammates – even if it’s not the culture you want.

Their Problems

Do your employees have problems with the way things work around the office? Maybe they do, but they just aren’t telling you.

If an employee has a problem with something, they might be sharing their thoughts with everyone else in the office. Sharing problems with coworkers won’t fix anything, but it will cause the rest of your team to notice the problems. Your employees could decide to fix the problems themselves, or they could become so unhappy that they leave.

Encourage your employees to share their problems and ideas with you, so you can implement the appropriate changes.

Their Goals

Have you set company-wide goals? Have you helped your employees craft their own goals to align with the company’s goals? Even if you haven’t, your employees are probably making their own goals.

If you haven’t shared the company’s goals with your employees, their goals can redefine the company’s goals. Go ahead and announce your company’s goals now, so your employees can set goals that help the company grow.

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