6 Things to Learn from Glassdoor’s 100 Best Places to Work

graphic of 6 things to learn from glassdoor

Each year, Glassdoor announces the top 100 places to work. The list is based entirely on employee reviews, so you can learn what’s important to employees and try to implement it in your own business.

What You Can Learn from the Best Places to Work

Although each company on the list is incredibly different, they all have a few things in common.

A Mission Your Employees Believe In

When the company has a mission statement that your employees can believe in, then your employees have a sense of purpose and know that the work they’re doing is making an impact on the company and the community. The mission inspires your employees to work harder.

A Transparent Leadership Team

If your leadership team is transparent, open, and honest with your employees, then your employees will appreciate and respect you more.

If you’re clear about what the leadership team’s role and responsibility is, then your employees will know who to turn to with questions. Your employees will also feel comfortable coming to the leadership team with concerns and feedback.

An Employee-Focused Culture

A top company to work for not only wants their employees to do their best work, they provide their employees with the tools needed to do that. If your company lets your employees know that they are an important part of the business and puts your employees first, then your employees will work harder for you.

A Motivated Staff

When you’re hiring new team members, make sure to hire highly motivated individuals. If one person is motivated, the rest of your team will follow-suit because they’ll see the motivated employees working hard and getting promotions.

A Competitive Perks & Benefits Package

A new hire may have chosen to work for your company because of the perks, benefits, and salary you offer.

When you’re first starting out, you might not be able to compete with larger companies’ salary packages, but you can provide benefits and perks that help you compete.

An Emphasis on Growth & Professional Development

When someone takes a job, they don’t expect to be in that role for the rest of their career. They want opportunities to grow and advance. Top companies let their employees know how they can advance and provide them with plenty of opportunities to learn new skills.

To become a top company to work for, work with each of your employees to create a career path for them and help them look for growth and development opportunities.

Glassdoor’s Best Small & Medium Businesses to Work

According to Glassdoor, a company is eligible to be a top small or medium business if the business has fewer than 1,000 employees and at least 25 employee ratings.

  1. Silverline
  2. New Home Star
  3. Next Century
  4. Acceleration Partners
  5. Zoom Video Communications
  6. OppLoans
  7. Glint
  8. Church
  9. CB Insights
  10. CarShield
  11. Madwire
  12. eXp Realty
  13. Big Switch Networks
  14. FieldEdge
  15. LogicMonitor
  16. Podium
  17. Meadowbrook Financial Mortgage Bankers
  18. SailPoint Technologies
  19. Smart City Locating
  20. Metromile
  21. Sprout Social
  22. Bizible
  23. Pariveda Solutions
  24. FortuneBuilders
  25. Whitepages
  26. Robinhood
  27. Index Exchange
  28. SunGrade Solar
  29. Upside Business Travel
  30. CoverMyMeds
  31. SendGrid
  32. Coder Camps
  33. Elementum
  34. Terminus
  35. Elite SEM
  36. Castle & Cooke Mortgage
  37. Illuminate Education
  38. Asana
  39. Intellinet
  40. NetWorth Realty
  41. Bluecore
  42. Zuora
  43. Peabody Properties
  44. Seek Capital
  45. P2S Engineering
  46. Formlabs
  47. Hawke Media
  48. Strive Consulting
  49. SeatGeek
  50. GoGo squeeZ

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