4 Ways to Include National Holidays in Your Marketing Strategy

business owner checking holiday orders on computer

When you’re looking for national holidays to include on your marketing calendar, you’ve likely already thought about the big ones, like Valentine’s Day and Christmas. But don’t forget about the small ones because they can really help small businesses stand out. For example, if you own a coffee shop, consider celebrating National Coffee Day. Or, if you have a dog treat bakery, tell your customers about National Puppy Day. 

These lesser-known holidays give you a chance to promote your company in unique and creative ways. Once you know what holidays you want to include in your marketing calendar, check out these four ways to celebrate them.  

1. Create blog content about the national holiday 

Use the holidays to fill in gaps on your editorial calendar. Since there might not be a lot of content on these smaller holidays, you’ll have a better chance of ranking on Google. Remember to post the content a few days before the holiday, so there will be time for search engines to find it. Learn more about why your small business needs a blog. 

2. Post about the holiday on social media  

Even if you don’t write an article about the holiday, you can still talk about it on social media. Use the right hashtags so you can extend your reach. And, create compelling images so that your posts stand out. People love to share and retweet content that supports fun holidays. 

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3. Hold a sale 

Host a special promotion during the holiday. For example, if you own a women’s clothing boutique, offer a 10% discount on every clothing item with a zipper in honor of National Zipper Day. You can share information about the sale with your email newsletter list and your social media followers. 

4. Host an event 

If you don’t have a retail business, you can still use national holidays to help extend your company’s reach by hosting an event centered around the holiday. 

For example, throw a party in honor of National Employee Appreciation Day. Make sure to take plenty of pictures and post them on social media to show potential customers and future team members that you care about your staff. 

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