Why Do I Need to Worry about Human Resources?

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You only have a handful of employees – you don’t really need to worry about human resources, right? Not exactly. You might not need a whole HR department, but you need someone to be in charge of HR (even if that’s you for now).

Your employees are your most valuable (and expensive) resource, so you need someone watching over them and making sure they have what they need to be successful, happy, and engaged. That’s where HR comes into play. HR does a lot, like

If no one is in charge of HR, it’s easy for some of those things to fall through the cracks.

Still don’t think you have to worry a whole lot about human resources right now?

Check out these 4 reasons you should make Human Resources a top priority.

HR Can Serve as a Mediator

Arguments happen. Not everyone in your company is going to see eye-to-eye all the time. If the arguments get too heated, you need someone to serve as a mediator, so the people involved can reach an understanding and get back to work.

This can be especially important if the problem is between an employee and their boss. The employee might not feel comfortable sharing their problem with their boss, but they might be willing to share the problem with someone in HR, who can then mediate.

HR Can Help Your Business Grow

If not everyone on your company is on the same page, it’s hard for your company to grow. HR can help make sure everyone is operating under the same core values and that goals align with those values. When everyone is trying to achieve the same thing, growth is inevitable.

HR Can Keep Track of Changing Regulations & Laws

There are a lot of HR-related laws and regulations to keep up with – both on a federal level and a state level. You need someone who can keep up with those laws and make sure your company is always in compliance.

HR Can Make Sure Everyone Knows What They Should Be Doing

Employees who work for a small business wear a lot of different hats, so you might not have formal job descriptions. But, you probably need them. Having someone responsible for HR can help make sure that happens. They can define each person’s role so everyone knows what they’re supposed to be doing and no one’s toes get stepped on.

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