5 Signs Your Employee Deserves a Raise

Employee smiling after learning she received a pay raise

Your employees play a big role in the success of your small business. You probably want to make sure that an exceptional worker stays with your company, so you don’t lose their skills and expertise. One way to keep someone from job hunting is by rewarding them with a raise, which can boost morale and increase job satisfaction. If you don’t know whether it’s time to give one of your team members a pay raise, check out these five signs they deserve one.

1. They do what’s needed without being asked

A staff member who deserves a raise regularly does more than the bare minimum. They’ll gladly pick up a task outside their job description without being asked because they know it needs to get done.

2. They ask for feedback

Employees who regularly ask for feedback want to be better at their job. They’re not embarrassed to ask for help or advice because they know it will make them a better team member and help them learn new skills.

3. They boost employee morale

If you notice that someone can separate a bad day at home from their work life and always has a positive attitude, consider rewarding them. A positive attitude is contagious, so your whole team will be happier as a result. Happy workers lead to increased productivity and lower employee turnover.

4. They focus on the company’s success

Reward personnel who are not only focused on their own success, but also the success of the company. Look for team members who are taking steps to help the company achieve its goals, are willing to share the spotlight with others, and go out of their way to help a coworker who is struggling with their workload. A worker who focuses on the company’s goals and helps their teammates might also be ready for a promotion. Learn if it’s the right time to promote one of your staff members.

5. They’re prepared

You don’t have to give someone a raise every time they ask for one. But, consider giving an employee a raise if they have a list of their accomplishments prepared. They’re proving to you that they are actively helping your company succeed and would like to stay with you to help the company grow.

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