4 Ways to Get Your Employees to Buy into Your Culture

How to Get Your Employees to Buy Into Your Culture

Your employees want to feel connected to your company, and you want your team to be engaged at work. Making sure your staff buys into your company culture can help everyone get what they want. Keep reading to learn four ways to get your workers to buy into your culture.

1. Know your purpose

Determine why your company is in business. Then, share it with your staff through your mission statement and core values. If your workers connect with your purpose, they’ll feel like the work they’re doing is making a difference in the company and your community. So, they’ll be more engaged and more productive.

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2. Be clear

Make sure your values are clear and actionable. For example, if you value integrity, define what that looks like in your company because everyone might have a slightly different definition. By spelling out exactly what your values look like in action, your employees will be better equipped to make decisions when you’re not there.

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3. Get to know your team

Involve your staff in the process of changing your culture by getting to know them. Find out what

  • makes them tick
  • they value most in life
  • motivates them to do great work

If you already know what they need to excel, then you’ll be able to design a culture that matches their personal values.

You can get to know your personnel by spending time with them either in the office or through team-building activities. You might even consider having one-on-one conversations with everyone to find out how things are going. Initially, your employees might be intimidated, but as you spend more time getting to know them, they’ll be more comfortable around you.

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4. Live your culture

Your staff will look to you for guidance in every decision they make. So, live out your culture, mission, and values daily. Your workers will follow your example and start making decisions that help the company achieve its goals.

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