5 Ways to Make Work More Fun

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Most people don’t think about work being “fun.” They think of it as something they have to do. But, creating a fun culture will keep your employees more engaged, so they’ll be excited to come to work every day and will stick around longer. Furthermore, fun workplaces lead to happier, more productive team members. Keep reading to learn five ways you can make your company a fun place to work.

1. Show off your personalities

Encourage your staff to be the same people at work and home. If they’re not “suit-and-tie people,” implement a more laidback dress code, so everyone feels more comfortable. Also, let your workers decorate their desks or workstations to be their “home away from home.” When your employees can really be themselves, they’ll connect better with their coworkers and have more fun at work.

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2. Get out of the office

Take your team off-site sometimes. Host a monthly happy hour or lunch. When your staff has the chance to socialize outside the office, they’ll have more fun and be more relaxed while getting to know each other. They’ll start to build friendships, which will encourage collaboration and teamwork inside the office.

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3. Encourage breaks throughout the day

A lot of companies have developed a culture where everyone is expected to work as long and as hard as possible. People assume that working for 12 hours nonstop is more productive than working for 8 hours with a few breaks. Taking breaks, though, is important for productivity because they give you and your workforce a chance to decompress and re-energize. Encourage your team to take breaks every couple of hours and set up a breakroom to allow your workers to take their mind off work for a few minutes.

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4. Celebrate achievements

You might already have some method in place for celebrating accomplishments – like raises, promotions, and bonuses – but none of those are public celebrations. When someone hits a significant goal, or your company reaches a new milestone, throw a little party. Your staff will see the rewards of their hard work and feel good about reaching their goals. They’ll start to look for new projects that actively contribute to the business’s success.

5. Be flexible

When your staff has a better work-life balance, they’ll be more focused and productive at work. So, be flexible whenever possible. You might offer work-from-home days or flexible schedules so your workers can take care of their personal life when they need to.

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