5 Ways Happy Employees Make Your Business More Productive

Happy employees sitting around workstations

When people are engaged at work, they feel connected to the business on a personal level and tend to be happier because they enjoy their job. Check out these five ways happy team members help make your company more productive.

1. Reduce employee turnover

Staff turnover can cost your company a lot of time. Whenever a member of your team leaves, they take their skills and knowledge with them. While you’re searching for a replacement, the rest of your staff will likely have to juggle their own workload and tasks abandoned by their former coworker. Once you find someone new, you still have to train them and get them up to speed. It’s not an easy or quick process.

Happy workers, however, tend to be more loyal. As they continue with your small business, they’ll learn new skills, become more efficient at their job, and accept more responsibility.

2. Miss fewer days

Studies show that happy people tend to get sick less often and, when they do get sick, they’re better equipped to heal faster. Because your engaged employees won’t be sick as often, they won’t take as many days off and will show up to work every day ready to get the job done.

Disengaged staff members will often try to do just the bare minimum to keep their job, so they’ll only show up when they absolutely have to. That can mean using every single hour of paid time off (PTO) as quickly as possible. Happy employees, however, recognize that PTO is essential for making sure they don’t burn out, so they’ll use it to take a break from work and come back refreshed and ready to hit the ground running.

3. Encourage innovation

Engaged workers aren’t just hanging in there until they find a new job, so they’re more open to new ideas. Because of this, they tend to be more creative and will think of unique solutions to problems or present ideas that push the envelope but can ultimately make your company more prosperous.

4. Support each other

Because engaged workers care deeply about your company and its goals, they will be more than willing to help others finish their tasks. Since happy people tend to me more approachable, their coworkers will likely feel comfortable asking them for help when they need it.

5. Promote happiness

Happiness is contagious. If your employees are happy, you will be happier, which will lead to even more members of your team being content. As this cycle continues, your business will become more and more productive.

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