5 Reasons People Want to Work for Your Small Business

People Want to Work for Your Small Business

When you’re hiring someone new for your small business, you might be competing with larger companies. But if you advertise the benefits of working for your organization, you can attract people who would be a great fit for you. You might include the following five reasons people generally want to work for a small business over a larger corporation.

1. Meaningful work

Many job hunters, particularly millennials, want to be able to connect with the mission of the business they work for. They want to know that the work they’re doing is actively helping the company achieve its goals.

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2. New challenges

Some job hunters are looking for a challenge in their next job. Working for a small business allows employees to wear multiple hats, which means they’ll learn new things regularly. Small business team members will often learn more than their counterparts at a larger company because they’re more involved in the entire business – instead of just their department.

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3. Potential for wealth

When someone joins a business on the ground floor, they may have the opportunity to grow their personal wealth as the company grows. They can do this by offering to invest in the company and become a partner or through profit-sharing agreements.

4. Autonomy

Many small business owners don’t have the option to micromanage their staff simply because there simply isn’t enough time in the day to oversee everything. Because of this, team members have more autonomy and can find solutions and make decisions on their own.

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5. Ownership over their work

Everyone likes to know that the work they do makes a noticeable impact on the business. In smaller companies, employees know their job can make or break the company, so they take more pride in the work they’re doing. Because of this, they’ll take extra care to ensure everything they do helps the company grow.

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