7 Characteristics that Make You a Great Small Business Owner

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Running a small business is challenging, and sometimes you might feel like you don’t have what it takes. Don’t give up! You’re a great small business owner. And you’re doing just fine, especially if you have any of these seven characteristics.

1. You’re highly motivated

Great small business owners are highly motivated because they know that no one is standing over their shoulder, telling them what to do next. Instead, they have to be self-starters – willing to figure out what next step to take to make their small business successful.

2. You’re ready to make personal sacrifices

Owning a small business is a lot of work, but if you’re willing to make some personal sacrifices in the beginning, you’ll be set up for success. A lot of small business owners end up working a lot and don’t take many days off. They might also have to miss a family dinner every now and then. You might have to sacrifice a little now for a huge payoff down the road.

3. You’re willing to make financial sacrifices

Sometimes, you might have to make financial sacrifices, too – like using your personal savings to fund your business or reinvesting your profits into the company instead of paying yourself.

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4. You enjoy constantly learning

Successful small business owners know that there’s always more to learn. They’re continually learning about new technologies and trends in their industries and working hard to develop their skills.

5. You’re optimistic

There are times where it might seem like your company isn’t going anywhere. But, if you’re confident about your business’s future, you’ll be able to get through the hard times. Then, celebrate when your company hits a major milestone.

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6. You can see the big picture

Small business owners need to be strategic thinkers. They can’t just plan what they’re going to do tomorrow or next week; they have to plan for next year or five years from now. So, they have to be able to see the bigger picture when making decisions – just because something doesn’t pay off right away, doesn’t mean it’s not the right choice.

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7. You’re passionate

Great small business owners are passionate about their company. They use that passion to recruit fantastic employees and sell their products and services. If you’re not passionate about your business, how can you expect anyone else to be?

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